Saturday, 22 December 2012

The magic of Chisinau

My sister-Elena- I missed her so much!
   I chose to spend the "End of the World" at the "Gala Laureatilor" in Chisinau, Moldova, where the best Moldavian chess players of the year have received prizes. It has made me feel a little bit nostalgic... I remembered the times I used to wait this event being so proud  of becoming the best women player of the year :) I watched all of those kids receiving prizes and looking so proud and I saw the elder generation, my ex coaches... No matter how big the prizes were it was a special atmosphere there- a "homy" one :)

My very good friend- WIM Diana Baciu

Igor Dodon- the president of the Moldavian Federation and  Deputy in the Moldavian Parliament

Chess goes well with playing the violin- Vanesa Cheptene

The best player of the year- Viorel Bologan, his father-Anton-receiving the prize

The best result of the team at the Istanbul Olympiad- Dmitrii Svetushkin

Serghei Vedemediuc- prize for the best Coach

Nichita Morozov- the best U14

Paula Gitu-the best G14

Marius Abramciuc- the best U16

Mihai Bizovi- the best U18

Olga Hancu- the best girls U18

Gabriela Cazacu- the best girl U16

Boris Nevednichy- the best among veterans

Svetlana Haritonova- the best arbiter

Boris Itkis- prize as a coach whose pupil has obtained the only international medal this year

Ion Solonar- a very respected coach in Moldova (the first coach of Viorel Bologan)

Valerii Iovcov- the best U20

Oleg Gorbanovsky

Diana Baciu- the best among women

Anton Bologan,the proud father of the best chess player of the year-Viorel Bologan

Anastasia Corotcova being crowned as Miss :)

   It was cool to remember how it used to be once, when I lived in Moldova...
   I want to congratulate all the winners and to wish them to obtain even more in the upcoming year!

xoxo from Chisinau :)

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