Tuesday, 11 December 2012

"Pius Branzeu Memorial 2012"

   The "Pius Branzeu Memorial 2012" has started yesterday, in Timisoara. It's organized by the University of Medicine and it has gathered 60 players.
    Though the 1st round was to be an easy one for the favourites, there were plenty of surprises. I finished my game quickly and started to kibitz when I saw something that seemed unbelievable on the 2nd board- one of the top-seeds- Manolache Marius (2541) had a piece down and no compensation against a kid- Andreescu Darie-Ioan (1898)! I guess he managed to trick somehow the emotioned boy, but the simple fact of being lost immediatly after the opening shows that there are no unbeatable players in this tournament.
   There's a curios thing- I am number 11 by the alphabetical order and I'm also the 11th ranked player in the starting ranking list :D The thing is that being born on the 11.11.1993, at 11 o'clock  I hope that this number will bring me luck!
   We will have 2 double rounds- tomorrow and on Friday,as for today, I play against Tirziu Mircea (2032)...
   It was pretty cool to see so many strong women playing in the tournament- Corina Peptan (2447), Foisor Cristina (2383), Dragomirescu Angela (2252), Foisor Veronica (2208), Ionica Iulia (2220). It's always good to have a tough competition! I'm not saying that they're not going to put up a fight against men too!
   These being said, I'll get back to my preparation. :)

A big pictorial report to follow! ;)

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