Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Simul on 100 boards in Timisoara

   I've attended a very nice event this afternoon. There was organized a simul on 100 boards in Timisoara. It was given by the local masters and grandmasters Sergiu Grunberg, Cristina Foisor, Vladislav Nevednichy, Alin Berescu, Mihai Grunberg and Ovidiu Foisor. There were so many kids! It was really nice to see all of them being eager to play! :)

Ovidiu Foisor

Cristina Foisor

   The event had the purpose to rise founds for the recovery of  the Woman Grand Master - Gabriela Olarasu. More information can be found on the facebook page or on the site
   I've arrived in Timisoara last night. I'm here for an Open which will start on the 10th of December, until then, I will enjoy the beauty of my favorite city in Romania :)

xoxo from Timisoara ;)

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