Monday, 17 December 2012

Family is forever

   This article is meant to be a thank you to the persons I love. I'm lucky to have a full, nice family who loves and supports me a lot.

At a family dinner,from left to right, my father,sister grandmother,grandfather and mum

Father, me and my sister on hollidays :D

My father's girls :D

With my amazing aunt- Mariana

With my little sister, some long time ago :)))

At my aunt's wedding

My cousin-Maria and my uncle- Adrian

With my beautiful cousin- Maria

Love you mum!

   Love you all and thank you for being there for me whenether I needed you!


  1. « Quand tout va bien on peut compter sur les autres, quand tout va mal on ne peut compter que sur sa famille. » de Proverbe chinois

    1. Yeah,unfortunately that's kind of true...