Saturday, 29 December 2012

Hoogeven wins World Cities Team Championship in Al Ain

From left to right- Ivan Sokolov, Anish Giri, Sergey Tiviakov and Jan Smeets
     The Dutch team composed of  Anish Giri, Ivan Sokolov, Sergey Tiviakov and Jan Smeets won the World Cities Team Championship winning match by match, eliminating in their way: Russia, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan in the final match with a 2,5-1,5 score and winning a 21,000$ prize.
     The decisive point was brought by Sergey Tiviakov who won his game against Nidjat Mamedov yesterday.
      As about the Romanians, unfortunately, they were less successful, not managing to pass their group (Kazahstan, Azerbaijan and Turkey).
The Romania-Azerbaijan match
     They had good chanches along the matches, but there was no luck at all on their side...
     There was an interesting event held in the same time in Al Ain- an open where the players from the knocked-out teams could play, starting with the number of points they got in the team championship by the time they were eliminated. The winner was Edouard Romain (2686), from France, who scored 7p out of 9. The only Romanian player to participate- Parligras Mircea- finished on the 7th place, with a 6,5p score.

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