Sunday, 2 December 2012

All in!

   It's been an amazing week-end! We managed to win our both matches,the first one with a 4-2 score and the second one with 5-1 :)
   It's always fun to come to Germany for Bundesliga. It's really important to have a nice atmosphere in the team, the ones that had it proved to show better results :)
   Here's a big photo-report from this week-end:

Melinda Goczo

Lyubka Genova

Adriana Nikolova

"Dream team"

Poker night :)

Lena Levushkina

Melanie Ohme

Masters of poker :) A nice way to relax after the games ;)

I will return to poker now, 've got to get my money back :))))

xoxo from Germany ;)

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