Monday, 3 December 2012

London Chess Classic

   It's a very interesting day for us, chess kibitzers. There are two major chess events taking part these days- Tashkent Grand Prix and London Chess Classic.
   In the first one- the Tashkent Grand Prix- Morozevich and Mamedjarov are leading with 6 points out of 10. They both won their today's games against Leko and respectively Karjakin. You can follow the event on the official site:
   In the second one-London Chess Classic- Carlsen and Kramnik are leading with 2 points out of 2. They play against each other today and Kramnik seems to have a better position.

Vladimir Kramnik- Magnus Carlsen, white to move

   You can see the online games on
   Aronian had a surpisingly bad start, losing his both games to Carlsen and Nakamura. Here are some photos from the event which I've found on one of my favorite chess sites :

Hikaru Nakamura- Vladimir Kramnik

Magnus Carlsen- Levon Aronian

The playing hall of London Chess Classics, full of chess fans

   Magnus Carlsen is very close to break Kasparov's rating record- 2851. Magnus has an impressive 2855 live rating. If he will continue to show his very high chess quality of games until the end of the tournament he may become the highest ranked player ever on the next rating list.

   Back to watch the live games ;)

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