Saturday, 8 December 2012

December thoughts

   A snowy day of December ( a very snowy day :)))
   It's the perfect time for sitting next to the window with a cup of coffee and thinking... That's what I'm doing for the last 2 hours and I haven't even felt how the time has passed by.

   Do you know this feeling when everything looks so estranged, like you're living someone else's life? You look around and nothing is familiar, there's nothing that'd be close to your heart. It's actually kind of sad... The only good thing is that the tournament will start soon (2 more days!!!) and my head won't be so full of depressing thoughts. In these moments one has the tendancy to deprive by starting having some bad habbit like drinking,smoking or whatever. I guess the answer is to call a good friend and to go out in some chill cafe and to talk it all out.
   I'm thinking about having a walk through the Timisoara's center, there's a Christmas Market there and it's so nice- all those lights can instantly make one feel better. Aaah! I've also remembered about the hot wine with cinnamon... 
   Yeah, I should definetely have a walk and maybe even get into a snow fight :DDD

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