Thursday, 13 December 2012

Drug addiction

   We had a double round yesterday- I finished the last my both games-5 hours each  and I felt no exhaustion, only a great joy and pleasure! Really, I'm so happy that I love chess and I have the possibility to play! As I'm writing now, I'm already thinking of how cool will be tomorrow (another double round!). Chess has become a drug for me :)
   I made 2 draws yesterday, the first one against Marius Manolache (2541) and the 2nd one against Milenkovic Mladen (2399). Here are the both games and just to mention- I'm very proud of my endgame against Milenkovic- I have finally got the damn rook endings!!! :D

   There are 4 players who have 3,5 points out of 4:  Manolache Marius, Petrisor Adrian, Corina Peptan and Vlad Jianu. I play with a young and very talented kid- Deac Bogdan-Daniel (2039). He was born in 2001,so I guess I'll have the opportunity to see what the children of the new century are capable of  :)