Monday, 31 December 2012

Things have changed

     It's unbelievable how quickly this year has passed... It's been a very unusual year for me, so many things have changed (yeah,Bob Dylan would agree). It's a bit upsetting not to be in control- not to be in control of time.

     I've been thinking and I don't really understand the idea of celebrating another year passing by. Is it about the hope that the next one will be better? People celebrate it in different ways: clubbing, exotic trips, skiing, family reunions, home parties... I just want to wake up in 2013 and to know exactly how I would want this year to be like, what I would like to change in my life. It just seems that I've been running from myself lately, all these 15 countries a year travelling, I've even counted- 36 flights in 2012 :))) This year has passed under the motto: "Yeeessss, I'm finally 18!" and I just want the next one to be more like "I'm soon to be 20".
     I wish you all to have a little bit more health, more success, more determination, more love, more of whatever you'd like in 2013!

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  1. « Il n’est aucune chose qui aille plus vite que les années. » Léonard de Vinci.
    Bonne et heureuse année 2013 Irina !