Sunday, 23 December 2012

What are you afraid of?

    I've been reading some interesting book lately, one about rebellion and everything that's uncoventional, one where the main character is not afraid of death. That made me ask myself if I'm afraid of it and I realized that I'm not, the only thing I'm afraid of is... I still don't know what I'm afraid of- maybe to stop enjoying chess, maybe to see the people I care about suffering, but I'm not afraid to suffer, the pain is the thing that reminds me how real is everything...Sometimes I get this strange feeling that I've already lived this life and whatever I'd do, it won't make a difference... These moments really suck, they make me feel a hole in my stomach, a hole that goes so deep that I can start crying for no reason. I don't know if it's normal, I suppose it shouldn't be. You might think "Man,she's twisted!". Well, maybe I am :)))


  1. « Un peu de folie est nécessaire pour faire un pas de plus. » Paulo Coelho

  2. Interesting. You are afraid of... fear itself :). And you are not twisted, your mind constantly projects possible situations, actions and reactions, usually in a way you cannot remember those thoughts. You really have experienced some things in your mind before they have happened to you. That`s why you think `I`ve been here, I`ve done that`. Quite frankly, most people ignore such feelings, which is sad, it`s quite interesting phenomenon. You don`t, and this tells a lot about you. Respect :)