Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sweet Emotion

     There's this feeling I get every time right before a tournament. I am excited and worried in the same time. I hope that it will be a good tournament for me and in the same time, I'm afraid it could go wrong. This feeling usually lasts until I make the 1st move and then everything goes away.
     I will travel to Bucharest tomorrow night and then, I'll have a flight to Berlin, where the organizers will pick us and take to Legnica. The 1st round is on the 5th of May.
     There are a lot of Romanians playing in the European Individual Championship (12):

21   GM    NISIPEANU Liviu-Dieter ROU 2679
54   GM    LUPULESCU Constantin ROU 2634
103 GM    PARLIGRAS Mircea-Emilian ROU 2570
113 GM    JIANU Vlad-Cristian ROU 2555
144 IM     ARDELEAN George-Catalin ROU 2510
181 IM     ANTON Teodor ROU 2441
205 WGM BULMAGA Irina ROU 2393
208 IM     MANEA Alexandru ROU 2389
218 IM     PETRISOR Adrian-Marian ROU 2378
226 FM    POSEDARU Bogdan ROU 2339
227           STANCIU Alexandru-Ovidiu ROU 2335
267           DEAC Bogdan-Daniel ROU 2183

     I can't wait for the tournament to begin! It's going to be the toughest event I'll take part at this year. I am nr. 205 from 298!  You can see the starting ranking list here:

Will keep you posted!


  1. Please, stop playing men's tournaments. It's not your business.

    1. Why do you hate women so much, or is it something just about me? I want to play real chess and this is a great opportunity.