Monday, 13 May 2013


     The free day is almost over. It's been a very lovely day- raining lots with thunder :))) It's good that we didn't go to any excursion and chose to play the blitz tournament. It was very fun! (until I started to "sacirifice" rooks :)))
     All in all- it was a very nice way to spend the time for me- I really like playing blitz. I started the tournament with 5p/7, beating 2450 after 2450, but the thunderstruck stopped at some point and my strike also, so I finished with 7p/13, but still won some 20 Elo points.
     Catalin-George Ardelean (2510) had a fantastic tournament, sharing the 1st place with 10,5p/13. He raised his blitz Elo with 60 points, showing a 2695 performance. You can see the final standings here:

1GMYILMAZ MustafaTUR256610.599.5105.5102.282045.6
2IMARDELEAN George-CatalinROU251010.598.5105.0103.022060.4
3GMJOBAVA BaadurGEO261510.0100.5106.590.652013.0
4IMPASIEV RakhimRUS24609.5102.0108.093.152063.0
5GMRAKHMANOV AleksandrRUS25829.594.5100.090.03200.6
6IMANTIPOV Mikhail Al.RUS25069.094.099.590.552011.0
8FMMINKO VladimirRUS23858.598.5104.082.902058.0
9GMPAP GyulaHUN25878.591.597.58-1.5920-31.8
10GMZEZULKIN JurijPOL24788.590.095.080.20204.0
11IMRZAYEV BahruzAZE24118.0102.5107.082.142042.8
12GMKISLINSKY AlexeyCZE24158.0102.0107.562.242044.8
13GMSANIKIDZE TornikeGEO26568.098.5105.08-2.1320-42.6
14IMCAPRIO GuidoITA24578.096.5102.570.24204.8
15GMSTOCEK JiriCZE25658.094.5101.06-1.6320-32.6

     Here are some photos from the blitz tournament and from the walk I took this morning:

Enjoying the frizzy Polish weather after the Thai heat

George-Catalin Ardelean and Alexandru Stanciu 

Registering for the blitz tournament

Ivan "The Spanish" vs Ivan "The Bulgarian" playing friendly games before  a 3 hours football match

Family encounter- Marie Boyard vs Tornike Sanikidze

Bogdan Posedaru vs Teodor Anton

Friendly games between Baadur Jobava and Eltaj Safarli before the start of the tournament

George-Catalin Ardelean vs Vladimir Pogosian

1st place to be decided- "Who will win?"

Yilmaz Mustafa- the winner of the tournament wathcing the encounter of Rakhmanov Alexandr vs Jobava Baadur in the last round

George-Catalin Ardelean, Teodor Anton, Bogdan Posedaru

     It's been a very nice day! I hope that the next rounds will go fine for me, but I have time to worry about it tomorrow- it's still the free day now, right? :P

xoxo from Legnica ;)

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