Sunday, 19 May 2013

Fake a smile!

     A friend was asking me some days ago why do I always smile, even when I walk around the playing hall, with a totally lost position on my board.
     I don't see why should all the World know that I feel bad- it would make them either be happy cause something is wrong with me or they would feel sorry for me. None of these cases bring me anything good. It's so simple... If no one knows that you feel bad- you may forget about it too. Like all these motivation books say: "If you want something- fake it until it comes true". That's what I do- I want to be happy, so all I have to do is just to fake a smile :)
     What is a smile? A smile is a facial expression which denotes pleasure, sociabillity, happiness or amusement. Smiling is something that is understood by everyone despite culture, race or religion. It's an international mean of communication.
     It's funny, there's even such a thing as "smilorexia"- when people get obsessed with having a prefect smile :)))
     Here's my way of smiling:

     In conclusion, it doesn't matter whether you feel good or bad- just smile and everything will be easier :)