Tuesday, 30 April 2013


     What is it- an undertaken right or an unconscious burden?
     Many say that the most important thing for a human being to have is freedom. I think that freedom is nothing if not knowing what to do with it. Who cares that you're free to have an opinion if you don't ever say which is it; who cares that you're free to choose your company if you hang out with people whom you hate but you need them for some reason; who cares that you're free to love if you never do it. Who cares???
     We pretend that we're free-we are people who can do whatever we want in the limits of the law. What kind of law am I talking about? Every other man has his own extra 300 laws.
     Freedom is such a burden to some people... "If only I didn't have to choose- it would be so much easier". No one made you choose anything- we're not living in socialism anymore- you choose whether you're mojo's bitch or not. Easy.
     One never values freedom until he loses it. Actually, it's good to be able to lose your freedom- it means that you had it at some point.



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