Sunday, 19 May 2013

Enjoy the silence

     Have you ever felt the optimism running through your veins? That's exactly what I feel now.

     I remember myself some months ago, when everything seemed to go wrong. I was disappointed, unhappy and so vulnerable... I used to tell myself that better times will come and I was telling it after each and every disappointment. I was so desperate not to be left alone with my thoughts- that used to be my worst nightmare.
     Better times have come :) I've started enjoying the silence again. Nothing is better than a silence that can be filled only with some positive thinking! It is so comforting to be able to enjoy a minute, an hour, a day of complete silence. 
     They say that the World has started with a word, I think that it has started with the silence before the word. It is easy to pronounce something, but it's a great power to know that you can do it and still keep the silence.
     I was thinking, what word would I use to create the World? "Love", "Air", "Universe", "Peace", "River", "Heartbeat", "Thunder", "Rain", "Sun", "Breath"... Which one would it be?
     I think that I would use "Hope".

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