Friday, 3 May 2013

Soul's Scream

     Emptiness- undoubtable, profound emptiness.
     Feeling so empty that you'd wish you could just fall asleep forever and you'd never feel so bare-souled again.
     You stare at yourself in the mirror and you see nothing but an emotionless face- a common face that doesn't tell you anything.
     God left me this face- He made it to be happy; He made my eyes to see Him; He made my ears to hear His call; He lended me a soul-a map to find my path to Him one day... My steps should have brought me to Him, but I lost my map on the way and I'm just a rambling self now.
     There's a map somewhere in one's hands and he can't read it because it's not his own one- it's a map he received as a reward and wanting it too much it turned into a curse. Reading the map had become an obsession to him and when he thought he knew the key- the map turned against him- it didn't want to be read anymore; the treasure he thought he'd find was lost for him forever. A flame appeared from nowhere and it burned the map he was holding in his hands.
      He's got nothing but ashes- ashes that he'll never be able to wash from his hands. They're invisible, but once you'd touch the skin on his hand- your own one will become grey- a grey which will follow him forever because it simply wasn't in his power to find they key to a map.


  1. Irina, esti un geniu si o sursa de inspiratie inca si mai geniala!I*m proud of you!:)

    1. Thx, Lencic! Your appreciation is the biggest reward :*