Monday, 27 May 2013


     I am back in Iasi, morally preparing myself for the following 6 exams that I have to pass.
     The last weekend was so nice! I can't believe that I was still playing chess yesterday, feeling great and I have to study for my exams now. My session will last for 2 weeks. I hope that everything will be just fine and I'll be able to start enjoying my super busy summer schedule afterwards.
     I already miss the tournament atmosphere. The reason why I like to play tournaments in Romania is because I know everyone and I've got a lot of friends with whom I can hang out :)
     We were playing blitz in the first evening. It was very fun playing against such strong players and beating them time to time :D

Constantin Lupulescu vs Mircea Parligras

Vladislav Nevednichy vs Constantin Lupulescu

      The tournament ended very well for our team- we took the 1st place in the women's section and 2nd place in the men's one!
      You can see the final standings below:

1CS Politehnica Iasi *  * 233133317024.5298.5
2ACS Sah Apa Nova Bucuresti1 *  * 20333315021.5233.8
3CSM Bucuresti0½13 *  * 2323314020.0212.0
4Clubul Central de Sah Bucuresti0200½1 *  * 21338012.5113.5
5CS Otopeni½0½½0112 *  * 336011.591.3
6CS Snagov0000000000 *  * 000.00.0

     Here are the first 5 ranked teams in the men's section:

12Clubul de Sah al Municipiului Baia Mare980116027.5553.5
23CS Politehnica Iasi971115226.0530.5
31CS AEM Luxten Timisoara971115026.0527.3
410Clubul Central de Sah Bucuresti951311022.0386.0
55CSM Lugoj950410023.5438.3
     Here are some photos from the last day and from the closing ceremony:

COnstantin Lupulescu following the game of Crisitian Chirila vs Dieter Nisipeanu

Sergiu Grunberg following the games of his team- "AEM"

Erwin l'Ami with white vs Andrei Cioara

Deac Bogdan vs Stegariu Vlad

Corina Peptan

Madalina Anusca with white

Georgiana Morea with black

Luminita Cosma vs Luiza Marin

Teodora Vasile

Alina l'Ami

Smaranda Padurariu and Jan Smeets

The team of "Politehnica Iasi"

The youngest team

3rd place- CSM Bucuresti

2nd place- ACS Sah Apa Nova Bucuresti

1st place- Politehnica Iasi

3rd place in men's section: CS AEM Luxten Timisoara

2nd place- Politehnica Iasi

1st place- Clubul de Sah al Municipiului Baia Mare

Smaranda Padurariu

Rainbow on our way back :)

Playing vs Marin Luiza

Against Corina Peptan

     It's been a very nice weekend!

xoxo from Iasi ;)


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