Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dress Code Policy

     A very interesting proposal of Ms. Beatriz Marinello I've just read on chessdom (http://www.chessdom.com/fide-dress-code-policy-proposal-of-ms-beatriz-marinello/) . She wants all of the chess players to follow a strict dress code during all of the official tournaments like: World Team Championships, Olympiads, European Individuals, World Juniors, etc... The style we should stick to is "business casual (European standards)". It means no torn pants or jeans, no caps, no beach clothes, nothing too reavealing. I think that it's a nice idea. If we want to promote chess- we should act properly and present ourselves nicely.
      I remember last year, at the EICC in Plovdiv- some players who were staying at the same hotel where the playing hall was were coming at the round in slippers... It wasn't nice at all.

     I think it's a reasonable request- not so difficult to follow :)
     Well, I guess that there will be no more mini-skirts, but what to do... I can still have high heels, right? ;)

That would be too short...

... and this one too revealing
     What do you think? Time for a wardrobe change?!

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