Thursday, 30 May 2013

Not enough

     Have you ever thought of what should you have in order to say "It's enough!"? Of course you did. What about the things that you can survive to- do you know your limit- the limit when "It's enough!" breaks out of your chest?
     I am such a "Never enough person"! What the hell is in my head when a win in a tournament is not enough, fulfilling a norm is not enough, getting a new title is not enough either, getting to live the love of my life is not enough, being surrounded by amazing friends is not enough, being proud of my sister is not enough, travelling to exotic locations- too little...

     Being betrayed once doesn't make me say "It's enough", nor does my being stabbed in my back. Losing my belief in the most sacred principles-too little, abandoning myself in the slough of sins- still not enough.
     I just can't say "It's enough!" and I think that it makes me a danger for myself, though, what can be more interesting than hanging out with someone who's always ready to bid for more, right?
     You say enough?


  1. That is right, it makes you a danger for yourself; at lest two beautiful women gave up our relationship just for this reason: I kept on saying it's not enough!!!
    I did the best to change myself and I partially succeeded! Good luck during your session, warm regards, Doe, John Doe.

  2. Do you think that this change has made you better? Was it worth it?

    1. Yes it was, otherwise your life could become a nightmare, best wishes, Doe, John Doe