Saturday, 18 May 2013

Closing Ceremony

     The tournament is over and the most of us already got home.
     My finish wasn't very successful, as I lost the last 2 rounds... Well, the most important thing- getting over 2400 has been achieved anyways, but still- it left me with a bitter taste.
     The new European Champion is Alexander Moiseenko of Ukraine, with 8p/11. He lost against Ian Nepomniachtchi in the last round, but it made no difference. Nine other players got the same number of points, but they were worse on coeffcient:

GMMOISEENKO AlexanderUKR26988.0264371.572.0627141013.4
GMALEKSEEV EvgenyRUS27008.0263972.076.0528001013.9
GMROMANOV EvgenyRUS26408.0263773.078.5627891021.8
GMBELIAVSKY Alexander GSLO26288.0262968.573.5527831022.5
GMLUPULESCU ConstantinROU26348.0262469.574.5527781021.0
GMVALLEJO PONS FranciscoESP26958.0261368.073.5527761011.0
GMMOVSESIAN SergeiARM26938.0260666.071.0527691010.3
GMNEPOMNIACHTCHI IanRUS27108.0259665.070.052763106.8
GMDREEV AlekseyRUS26548.0259468.073.0527541013.9
GMMELKUMYAN HrantARM26228.0255164.569.0627091012.5

     Constantin Lupulescu had a very good performance- sharing the 1st place, but being a bit unlucky and taking the 5th place. It is the best result which he has achieved so far and I wish him a lot of luck in the World Cup, which will take place in Norway, in August.

     Here are some photos from the closing ceremony:

While listening to the anthem of Ukraine- Alexander had some tears in his eyes

Taking photos during the closing ceremony

Katerina Pavlidou, Anna Iwanow and me (from right to left)

A very interesting dancing performance by some local artists

The trophees waiting for their winners

Katerina and Anna

Alexander Moiseenko, Evgeny Alekseev and Evgeny Romanov-getting their medals and checks

Anna Iwanow receiving a Performance prize 

Bogdan Deac- getting the 4th prize in the Performance category
      Here you can find the final results of all the Romanians:

21GMNISIPEANU Liviu-Dieter2679ROU011½½½½01½16.583257410-14.40
54GMLUPULESCU Constantin2634ROU½11½11½1½½½8.0527781021.00
102GMPARLIGRAS Mircea-Emilian2570ROU½1011½½½0016.0110253110-4.60
112GMJIANU Vlad-Cristian2555ROU1½01½½01½½½6.0982588105.30
142IMARDELEAN George-Catalin2510ROU101½0½1010½5.5154246510-5.40
175IMANTON Teodor2441ROU0101010011½5.5160241810-3.10
199WGMBULMAGA Irina2393ROU0101½10½1005.017424321510.05
201IMMANEA Alexandru2389ROU½01½½0½0½104.52032394100.10
211IMPETRISOR Adrian-Marian2378ROU010010110½04.5212233710-3.90
219FMPOSEDARU Bogdan2339ROU½000½0101014.0249214315-42.00
220STANCIU Alexandru-Ovidiu2335ROU1000½1½10015.018523851510.80
259DEAC Bogdan-Daniel2183ROU00½½1½1100½5.018624031543.35

     I enjoyed the tournament a lot and I wish I would have the possibility to play only these kind of strong tournaments. I think that this is the best way to get a stronger player and this is the thing I want the most- to become a really strong GM!

xoxo from Romania ;)