Sunday, 10 March 2013

"The most peaceful team"

     Yet another 2-2... We fully deserve the nickname we've got in this tournament "The most peaceful team"- 2 losses and 5 draws out of 7 matches. What to say? We hoped to win today- but we were lucky to make an equal match- we had chances only to lose.
     I had an uneventful game- despite my big time advantage- I had to settle for a draw. I think I shouldn't have sacrificed the pawn...

     We wore the "Romania" t-shirts today, but it seems that nothing is enough in this tournament for us to win a match...
Carmen Voicu-Jagodzinsky vs Natacha Benmesbah

Collas Silvia vs Luminita Cosma

Gergely Szabo, Carmen Voicu-Jagodzinsky,me, Luminita Cosma and Cristina Foisor

Cristina Foisor,me,Carmen Voicu-Jagodzinsky and Luminita Cosma

     We play against Georgia tomorrow- again a difficult match.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


  1. Vous avez eu beaucoup de chance aujourd'hui. Sophie Milliet était complètement gagnante !

  2. Bulmaga-Dzagnidze 1-0!! Wonderful Irina