Sunday, 3 March 2013

1st Round

     The first round has finished. I made a draw, but the team unfortunately lost... Well, we played against Russia- it was a difficult match. We lost 4-0 the last time we played against it, in Porto-Carras, in 2011. The match looked better for us after the 1st hour, but then it turned another way.
     The tournament is organized very well- I liked the playing hall; we had beverages and sweets in the relaxing room; there's also live coverage of the event. I already enjoy my stay here :)
     The firsts continue in this tournament for me- I had my first press-conference! I liked it so much- it's nice to play in the top and I'm so happy we've got this chance! No matter of the overall result- it will be a great experience and motivation to work harder in order to get here more often.
     Here you can see my today's game:
Here are some photos of our team from the official site of the event:

Carmen Voicu-Jagodzinsky

Cristina Foisor vs Valentina Gunina

Alina l'Ami vs Alisa Galiamova

      We play against Ukraine - the favourite nr.1 tomorrow.

      Keep your fingers crossed for us!

xoxo from Astana


  1. Interesting reportage. Surely I'll follow your chessblog in the next days!