Thursday, 28 March 2013

Matrioshka Doll

     While I was wondering what should I write about tonight I read my April's horoscope and couldn't stop laughing :))) "The scorpio will get easily bored. No,no- that's good news! Just keep being bored for a 3-4 weeks period - that will be good for you. You want some extreme- better keep yourself under control and postpone it". Ok, too late for that- I guess I'll just have to challenge my fate while visiting Thailand :P
     I have only 2 more days at home and then a tremendous 2 months will start! I am going to play the U20 Nationals from 1-12 of April, then I fly to Thailand, visiting London on my way there. I will play in Pattaya, from the 14th to the 21st of April and I will visit Bangkok for a few days afterwards. I will have a little break from chess and then I'll play the EICC in Poland from the 5th of May! I am very excited about all of these.
     I've been thinking about many things lately, as I started to jog again ;)
     How long does it take for getting to know a person- for like knowing what that person thinks about right now? Each of us thinks that he knows exactly why a person did something or why he behaved one way or another. We tag the people so easily- "smart-ass","liar","victim", "fool", "naive", "jerk", "tricky", "jealous", "kind", "hot", "smoker", "nerd","hard-worker". I tag people as well and I thought that I'm so good at doing it. I understood how wrong I was when I heard about some tags I got- tags I've been given from people who I thought knew me. We can never really know anyone.
     Do you know the Russian doll- "matrioshka"- it's a little "doll-shaped" statuette- you open it and find another statuette inside the 1st one, then another one and so on. You never know how many statuettes are there if you don't read the original label. Too bad that people don't come with the manufacturer's label. You open one statuette and you live with it never knowing that there are 4 other completely different dolls inside...
     How many statuettes does your "matrioshka" have?

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