Friday, 8 March 2013

Free day in Astana

     It's been a nice day. The excursion was quite short, but I really enjoyed it. Here are some photos:

We visited a museum that was the residence of the President of Kazakhstan before

The Russian girls- Olga Girya, Alisa Galiamova and Valentina Gunina

This chess set was a present from Anatoly Karpov to the President of Kazakhstan

Alina l'Ami with Gulishkan Nakhbayeva and Davletbayeva Madina

Luminita Cosma,me, Alina l'Ami and Gergely Szabo 

The biggest mosque in Astana

This is how our hotel looks like

     It's time to get back to relaxing now ;)

xoxo from Astana


  1. Nice places...nice chess sets !!!

    1. Indeed, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a cool arhitecture :) As about the chess sets, they were gifts to the President of Kazakhstan from World famous personalities (World Chess Champions, Presidents of another countries).