Friday, 8 March 2013

Let myself down

     Again 2-2. We wanted more but is seems like it wasn't our day. Carmen and Alina won, but Luminita and I lost. What a pity! It was looking like a 3-1 at least :( These things happen and mostly in the worst possibly timing...
     It is a free day on the 8th March- already today in Astana. We'll go on an excursion at 2pm.
     I am very sorry for myself and for the ones following us today- it just happened :( I wouldn't probably risk if I would have less time- I feel like it's all my fault that we didn't win today, but I hope that I will do better in the next matches.
     Here are some photos from the today's round and from tonight:

Carmen Voicu-Jagodzinsky "Let's calculate the right angle!"

Benmesbah Natacha, from France

What a move!
Taking revenge on the billiard table- Gergely Szabo

Me trying to make a shot

Alina l'Ami

It's -20 in Astana!

Gergely Szabo
     We've got to play against China tomorrow- not easy at all!

     Hope that the excursion will charge us with some extra energy and luck!

xoxo from Astana

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