Friday, 15 March 2013

Nowhere like home

     It's been a very nice day. I am not sure if there is anything to like about Moldova, but like my sister told me today "It's not like I like Moldova, but I love it".
     It was a lovely, sunny day and I decided to go out- I went for a coffee and a salad in the town. I've spent some hours enjoying them and thinking about stuff. I get a "comfort" feeling every time I come home lately. It's not like I don't enjoy myself in Iasi, but I can feel a hole inside myself sometimes- one which makes me very unconfident and depressive when there. It's like there's nothing and no one for me there.
     You know, I would do everything for the ones I love- I could give away anything for them. I used to think that I don't need anyone in order to be happy. I thought that success would be more than enough, but it's nothing to be successful if you don't have with whom to share it. It's so fulfilling to have someone whom to make proud and whom to dissappoint. I understand how awesome is to have someone who cares enough in order to criticize you now.
     I feel a light in my soul- a warming one and I, I just want to keep it there for as long as possible and to share it with the ones who help me maintaining it.