Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The great terror

    It's almost a week since I've returned from Astana and I already miss playing.
    I will go on a hiking trip with some friends in a week and I'll play  the U20 Nationals afterwards. It's going to be nice- my sister will come too- I will terrorize her with chess :))) hihihi Can't wait!
    Then Thailand follows! I have just read on Wikipedia that April is the hottest month in central Thailand- 35-38 C degrees. Maybe I should have read it before deciding weather to go there or not :))) Well, but what is a little heat for a 20 yo chess player- one extra excuse for blunders :P (God forbid them!)
     I will visit London on my way to Bangkok- will have some 12 spare hours- so that will make one more new country this year :D
     Making plans is very nice when no worries at all. That's what I like about being home, actually that's what I like about being 19 :D

Roller skating- one of my childhood's favourite activities-you can't imagine how my knees looked like back then
xoxo from Chisinau



  1. Hey babe it's great to read your sister decided not to stop playing chess!!
    Bangkok must be great! I wonder how you can have that much time for chess though you say you're studying :D
    xoxo back...

    1. "Hey babe?!" I study on distance and I do all the learning by myself- 've got to attend only the exams- that's how I have so much time for chess ;)