Sunday, 31 March 2013


     Do you have the courage to take off all your clothes and to let everyone see each and every inch of you?
     No, you don't. No one has it and I don't have this courage either.Why? The answer is simple- because we don't like too many things about ourselves.
     Some hate their nose because it made them find out too many unwanted things. It might be operated- the shape can be changed, but when you'll feel that smell again-you'll remember everything. Not every device is erasable.
     Some hate their belly because it gave birth to things they're ashamed of. They can cut it- they can make it look flater, but giving birth can never be undone.
     Some hate their back because they've turned it too many times to the loved once. You can make it look like the J.Lo one's and you can offer the others a better view- but it wouldn't matter as long as that's your back they see and not your face.
     Some hate their eyes because they have caught too many mendacious glances. They can start wearing glasses- but it'll just give them a better view.
     One can change everything about himself. One could look perfect, but he'll never be able to accept it because we don't see ourselves through our eyes, we see ourselves only through the eyes of the others and trust me- the others always wear glasses when it comes to looking at you.

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