Monday, 25 March 2013

Rosé & miniskirt

     What kind of statement does a women wearing a miniskirt send to the World?
     There are the slangy ones- the ones who just want to draw the attention on them; there are the rebel ones- who want to show to everyone that they can; there are the feminists- who wear them in order to show that they dare and they do it for them- not for men; finally- there are the ones who just want a guy to see their legs and not their brain- they do it on purpose.
     I do it on purpose from time to time. Men are afraid of women with brain- they think they're the only ones who know how to use it. I just rise my shoulders and put my miniskirt.
     Well- that was just the introduction, so you would understand why I've prefered a Rosé wine today. It is very special and it feels light and aristocratic- at least for me. It is either semi-sparkling or sparkling and  it goes very nice with some cheese or a desert- mostly, like the champagne. I always associate Rosé with the old French movies where the main actress drinks some Rosé champagne from the bottle and dances on the bed.

     What do you see when a nice girl wearing a miniskirt passes by? Don't tell me that it makes you want a Rosé :P

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