Saturday, 23 March 2013

Friday Night

     Simply staying home and waiting to go to bed on a Friday night means you're getting old- that's what Facebook has just enlighten me with.
     I could disagree- having the choice of going out or going to bed and choosing the 2nd one just means you're getting wiser. What would be the consequences of a party Friday? Hangovers, unwanted phone numbers, weird marks on your clothes, a killed Saturday, all kind of questions with no answers, lost things, stories you don't remember about yourself... Haha! I would rather listen to the new album of Zemfira for now enjoying a cup of tea. It's not like I'm always like this, but the next morning after an outgoing Friday night I know I would have wished I had listened to Zemfira. Here it is:

     I went on a nice walk the other day. I enjoy having long walks by myself and thinking. I got some interesting ideas for the blog- you'll see them really soon!
     Until then, here's my favourite park in Chisinau:

     Wish you all a  nice weekend!



  1. may give up the friday nights out...but PLEASE dont give up writing the blog :-)
    Its essential reading for all chess players.....

  2. Dar cel mai mult mia plăcut a me gregori ana stail / nun cerc ați ca să traduceți / ssta nui nici întro limbă / în tuneric lină