Tuesday, 5 March 2013

2nd round

     We  had a good day yesterday- making an equal match against the favourite nr.1- Ukraine. All the games ended in a draw.
     I can't say that I was very satisfied with my game, as I didn't play precisely in the opening and my opponent never gave me even a "hint" for advantage. I went for an equal endgame which I thought was a bit better for me, but making an imprecise move, had to make a draw myself.
     Here's the interview I gave after the 1st round (the original is in Russian):


     Here's the English version:

Here are some photos from the yesterday's round:

Cristina Foisor made a draw against Katerina Lahno on the 1st board

Alina l'Ami and Carmen Voicu-Jagodzinsky

The team captain-Gergely Szabo and me

Luminita Cosma was the last to finish the game, holding a draw against Natalia Zhukova

Carmen Voicu-Jagodzinsky and me

R 2: Ukraine-Romania

Natalia Zhukova vs Luminita Cosma

     We play against India today- it won't be an easy match. I hope we'll do well!


  1. Ukraine-Romania: draw. Congratulations!

  2. Am inteles ca Nadia Satchev nu vine...ai jucat vreodata cu ea !?!?!?

    1. Da, India a venit fara Koneru, Harika si Tania Sachdev. Nu am jucat cu Tania niciodata.