Thursday, 14 March 2013

One way or another

     It's good to be back :D
     I am happy and calm and relaxed and full of hope and ready to work again! It feels so good to have a nice tournament from time to time :))) You know, +20 Elo points can't be found on the street like 20 lei :)))
     This tournament has proved to me once again that I can achieve whatever I want. It is so weird that right before the Women's World Team Ch. I played the Romanian Individual Ch. and the result was quite opposite- I finished only the 5th and with -1 Elo points. One may ask "Why?" That's a good question. I think that my playing depends on too many "non-chess" factors and that's the mistake. It's not like I want all of these factors to influence me- I just still haven't learned how not to. I think that it's a matter of time and constantly working on myself and on my "thoughts autodiscipline".
     All in all, I am happy to be in Chisinau again and to share my happiness with the closest to me people.

P.S. If you were wondering what was on my "lucky playlist" in Astana, here are the 5 songs I listened to day by day:

've taken my shot at this tournament!

xoxo from Chisinau ;)


  1. The last comment I wrote was in Feb (To be or not to be) and u didn't answer, I promissed u I wouldn't write again but I have to congratulate u! A few times a malvolent anonymous wrote u sick comments but do not take them into consideration, as u said probably he (she) is a loser, u r amazing, at the Romanian Champ. u were coming after a long, stressful session, but in Astana u played very well and I am sure u will continue to have good results. Improve your openings and do not let u distracted by stupid comments or tough life events, keep focusing, u r amazing, friendly Doe, John Doe

    1. Dear John Doe, I am sorry I missed that comment you've mentioned, I remember reading it, I must have forgotten to answer. Thank you for supporting me and for being nice :) As about the one who was writting nessy comments- it was bothering me so much because I think I know that person and I used to think that he was a friend.
      As about the chess aspect- I will work and I hope to improve my playing with every new tournament :)
      Wish you all the best,