Sunday, 17 March 2013

Every pixel

     Another Sunday morning- another lonely Sunday morning. No, I'm lying- it's not lonely- I'm imprisoned with my thoughts.
     I'm surrounded by so many people, I can do so many things, I can go to so many places and still- all I want is us. My slipping to his image is so addictive... Why I looked at him in that moment? That was the second I lost myself. I was cautious before- I kept my eyes closed and nothing could get to me. Looking is dangerous- I know that now, but still- all I want to do is to see that image again. So many possibilities, temptations, addictions and this is the one I've fallen into? Who would think...
     Oh these Sunday mornings! So many Sundays and all I want is just that- that one Sunday. What was so special about it- the image I have with me now and the one I crave for seeing again.
     I don't know weather one should keep her eyes closed- that would be so much easier. Even when we look - we don't see things the most of the time, but when we do- we get these images- these images that we store into our mind's album and we just carry them on and admire them from time to time getting lost into each and every pixel.

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