Saturday, 9 March 2013

Skew needle

     It is going to be a very nice day for me!
     I don't play today, so it's like a 2nd free day for me. I will go to the round to take some photos of the girls and to have a coffee from the relaxing room ;)
     There will be a live chat during the round here ( it will start in 3 hours-at 3pm local time). Feel free to comment! I will also be there at the beginning.
     I plan on going to an interesting mall- it looks like a skew needle. It is quite far from here- but who doesn't enjoy a walk at -20? :))) (maybe I should take a cab after all).
     It is so good to relax a bit- I think that I will come with a lot of new energy after these days!
     I've spent my last evening watching 2 episodes from "The Master and Margarita"- a Russian serial made after the so well-known novel. It's quite interesting!
     We play against China today:
1IMFoisor Cristina Adela2401:WGMJu Wenjun2505
2WGMCosma Elena Luminita2336:WGMTan Zhongyi2471
3WGMLami Alina2353:WGMGuo Qi2435
4WGMVoicu-Jagodzinsky Carmen2281:IMShen Yang2415

     It will be an interesting and in the same time difficult match. The last time the Romanian women's team played against the China's one-it was a 2-2, in the last round of the Olympiad in 2008, in Dresden. I was still playing for Moldova that time, but I remember following that match with a great interest.

All in all, I wish good luck to the girls and I will keep my fingers crossed!


  1. "very nice day for me... I don't play today" It's not the best point of view I think...

    1. Well, should I lie? It's nice to have 2 free days for visiting such a nice city like Astana, especially after playing 5 exhausting rounds.