Saturday, 2 February 2013

To be or not to be

    That was the question... Yet she knew there was no choice- it was better to believe that something actually depended on her. To be... or not to be... Fall into the dark or fly to the sky...  Is that an "or" implied or is that an "and" disguised? Would it make a difference if so? It's her to tell. Better think hard, girl- you should make yourself believe it's been your choice. It's not a game- 2 play there- it's a question and one is enough to give an answer. The shortest answer is usually the easiest one to give, though the most difficult answer si not always the longest one. No/Yes... It's not the waiter asking if you'd like some sugar,baby, you'd know to say "No"- everyone knows that sugar is the "white death". Do they now? Should you go for brown sugar then- would it make your death "brown"? Might be so, but your question doesn't have a "brown" answer- there's only "Yes" or "No".


  1. Have you read the original text of the "to be or not to be" citation? Just checking (:

    1. Of course I did, I even saw the play ;)

    2. Ok :)
      In this entry I see something very very abstract from a good point :)

  2. The answer is usually yes at your age (curiosity) and tends to become no later (experience). Regarding the battle of sexes did u see the game J. Polgar against Carlsen (Mexico, 2012)?
    Congrats for the good results during your first exam session, I'm really happy 4 u! I posted my last message at the bottom of the Vitiugov article but u never answered so I waited 4 u to finish the exams in order to write this last comment and wish U the best in life, Doe, John Doe.