Friday, 8 February 2013

Peace, man!

     Long time no see...
     I've been so busy and stressed out this week with all my exams from University that I couldn't find any power in myself  to post. Though I'm still shaking from all the unslept nights and the uncertain ammount of caffeine in my sistem I'm so happy to say- first session almost completed and that means 6 (!) exams (1 more exam left- but one that I feel  very confident about)- and the most important thing- tada-da-dam- SUCCESFULLY! I haven't been so proud of myself since... I don't know-the last year's EICC. It's difficult to explain this feeling- all the students pass through exams and they eventually graduate (well, the most of them)- so it shouldn't be anything so special, but still, I attended only 20 % of my classes this semester and I had to learn everything by myself, in between tournaments- so-yes- I'm so damn happy! :D I think that the next tournament will feel like a vacation for me, after all this pressure :))
     All these being said, I promise to get more active and to resume my "chess posting"!

As for now- I'm gonna' go to celebrate!
Peace ;)