Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Master of my World

     It's amazing how a few little changes can make one's life different!
     I don't know if it's about the really nice weather outside, about my session coming to an end or about my 3rd cup of coffee today- the thing is that I suddenly feel much more optimistic :) It might be the thrill of the upcoming tournaments- Women's National, World Teams in Astana, Thailand- what is there not to love? I can feel that everything will be just fine and it's a comforting and power-giving feeling :)
     I've been thinking that there are so many things I'd like to do this year- learn some foreign language, read as many  Russian classics as possible, go hiking in the mountains and soooo many more other little things.
     I realize what a lucky person I am- I get to do the things that I like- I don't have to worry about anything but to accomplish what I really want- I am the master of my World.

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