Monday, 18 February 2013

Bloody battles

     There have been played 2 rounds in the Romanian Chess Championship. There've been a lot of surprises in the men's section so far, with a lot of draws on the top boards yesterday.
131NMVladescu Florin-George222510 - 11GMParligras Mircea-Emilian26331
22GMLupulescu Constantin26121½ - ½1CMBida Mihai-Eugen221235
332CMToma Radu-Cristian22191½ - ½1GMNevednichy Vladislav25423
44GMMurariu Andrei253311 - 01IMGlodeanu Ion218039
534IMFlorescu Codrut-Constantin221210 - 11IMMiron Lucian-Costin25265
66GMBerescu Alin-Mile24951½ - ½1CMSecheres Adrian-Simion216043
736CMStegariu Vlad-Ionut22011½ - ½1IMFilip Lucian24647
838CMRussu Eduard219811 - 01IMGeorgescu Tiberiu-Marian239611
912IMMilu Romeo-Sorin23921½ - ½1IMartian Dragos-Daniel214545
1042FMPessi Emil-George21601½ - ½1IMPetrisor Adrian-Marian239213

     Here you can see a game that has impressed me:

There are 13 players with a 2/2 score and I guess that there will be much less after today's double round. You can follow the live games here:
11GMParligras Mircea-Emilian263322FMDobre Claudiu-Cristian229222
217FMBalla Tamas-Kristof236622GMMurariu Andrei25334
35IMMiron Lucian-Costin252622FMDaianu Cristian-Clement228324
421NMDoros Radu-Marian230922IMGrecescu Gabriel-Andrei239114
515IMGrigore Nicolae-Petre238522CMRussu Eduard219838
627NMGilea Lucian224522NMStanciu Alexandru-Ovidiu238316
729CMHorvat Dan-Sebastian22292GMLupulescu Constantin26122

As for the women's section, there are only 6 players with a perfect score, me being among them.
12IMFoisor Cristina-Adela238922WGMIonescu Irina22535
26WIMDragomirescu Angela223522WGMBulmaga Irina23553
34WGMCosma Elena-Luminita233222WGMSandu Mihaela22227

     We've got to play only 9 rounds, unlike men- who have to play 11, so we don't have any double rounds.
     Here are some photos I took this morning:

The 5 top boards

The playing hall

The nr 1 rating favourite- Mircea Parligras, (2633) with 2/2

Lucian Miron (2526), 2/2

Doros Radu-Marian (2309), 2/2

Bida Mihai-Eugen (2212), a talented junior who made the draw against Constantin Lupulescu yesterday, 1,5/2

Alin Berescu (2495), 1,5/2

Constantin Lupulescu (2612), the nr 2 rating favourite, with 1,5/2

Grigore Nicolae-Petre (2385), 2/2

Murariu Andrei (2533), 2/2

The cups waiting for their winners
xoxo from Olanesti ;)

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