Saturday, 2 February 2013

Men's Bundesliga

     I am very fond of "Bundesliga". As you probably already know, I play in the German Women's Club Chess Championship and I enjoy the atmosphere and the process itself. This event has a counterpart in the men's section. I think that the German Men's "Bundesliga" is one of the strongest National Club Chess Championships in the World. This implies many interesting matches and games to follow.
     The Baden-Baden club is leading so far. They won all the matches, as you can see below:

1.OSG Baden Baden + 60081235½
2.SG Solingen + 406081130
3.SV Wiesbaden + 055081030
4.SC Eppingen + 0058829½
5.SV Mülheim Nord0 + 6508829
6.SV Wattenscheid + 605608827½
7.SG Trier2 + 34008722½
8.SK Turm Emsdetten230 + 058627½
9.Werder Bremen305 + 078624½
10.SF Katernberg0 + 4408624
11.SV Hockenheim42004 + 78624
12.Hamburger SK030434 + 8422
13.Schachfreunde Berlin0330 + 8220
14.SC Forchheim02½201 + 8212½
15.SV Griesheim00 + 8015
16.SK Norderstedt½00½1 + 8010½

     It's no wonder, as they have such outstanding players in the team like:

     This weekend's matches aren't any less interesting, as we can see such encounters as:

There are many other interesting games that you can follow on:

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