Saturday, 9 February 2013

Thank you

     Thank you for seeing who I really am and for not running away no matter what I'd tell you.
     Thank you for being so good at what you do and competing with me- it makes me strive for being better.
     Thank you for being there for me no matter what.
     Thank you for investing so much love and time in my becoming a good person.
     Thank you for hurting me, it made me become so much stronger.
     Thank you for believing in me when no one did.
     Thank you for defending me when you knew I was guilty.
     Thank you for being honest with me.
     Thank you for not being afraid to criticize me.
     Thank you for the greatest memories I've got.
     Thank you for listening to me.
     Thank you for keeping my secrets.
     Thank you for sharing with me all you've got.
     Thank you for not being afraid to be vulnerable when with me.
     Thank you for your envy.
     Thank you for your hatred.
     Thank you for your friendship.
     Thank you for your love.
A big "thank you" to the ones who are a part of my life. :)


  1. welcome :) I really like your favoured music selection / its a very unusual selection for such a young lady, nevertheless its just proving your great taste! I played lead guitar in a Dire Straight Cover band before and still Mark Knopfler is my most favoured. My Tip: try the early Songs from The Police. Surely something that you will like as well. Keep pushing pawns! All the best, Max.

    1. Thank you for the kind words :) (and between, you were right- there are some songs of The Police that I really like ;)

  2. I admire you; you're a great, smart and intelligent woman. Wish there'll be more like you...!!