Sunday, 3 February 2013

Battle of sexes

     I like watching games of strong chess players and I enjoy them even more when it's a battle of sexes. Women become stronger and stronger and it's not easy at all when a 2450 lady plays against a 2450 man (and if to make the lady pretty- the balance is set in our favour) ;)
     The first games that I watch when there's a live broadcast of a tournament are the women's ones and the ones where black won, beacause I find them the most inspiring. Here's a 2 in 1, from the yesterday's matches in Bundesliga:


Elisabeth Paehtz
   This game has impressed me with it's clearness and harmony between positional and tactical ideas. Black had a small edge during the whole game, from the moment when white made the uninspired exchange on "c2". It was nice to see how black's advantage was growing move by move. I appreciate much more a good strategical game than a "pif-paf" one, because everyone can calculate a combination, but not everyone can understand a position. If to believe the statisctics, when a 2450+ woman wins against a man player who has the same or even higher Elo- it's usually an attacking game that culminates with a final tactical blow. Well, the statistics might want to get refreshed, because women prove to be able to do strategics and endgames too and on a high level.

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