Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Timing is everything

     Who could think that coming home to relax after exams would turn to be so crazy!
     Today has been a very unusual day. I had to run some errands for my parents at a bank- so I just went there to leave some documents yesterday. I had to pick them up today, just before lunch time. I was met by an "Oh, I forgot to give these documents to the manager so he could sign them and he has just left, could you come back in 2 hours?". I was stunned by the question. Doesn't time mean anything for her? Time is the most precious thing one's got! "It is surreal how one should wait for 2 hours, just so some bossy man would have his lunch, not to mention your total irresponsibility and incompetence!"- I said to the secretary. Would I have to work with these kind of people when I'll graduate from University? I am stuyding "Banks and Finances" after all... It was so frustrating her even not carrying! I lost my temper and asked her to give me a piece of paper, so I could write a complaint- I had to do something with that 2 hours, right? Oh, that was the moment when she took me serious. Did she think that a 19 yo young woman doesn't know anything about bank policies? I guess she will start taking other's time more serious from now on... It was quite funny to see her getting suddenly all apologetic. She called her boss- I guess that the magic word one has to use is "complaint". He came right away- turned out he was on his way to  lunch (I knew that! :)). He was actually cool and professional. He apologized, signed the papers and asked me if he could make it all up to me by taking me to lunch. That was a surprise and it turned to be a very pleasant one, as I accepted to go. I had a really nice time and moreover, got an internship offer!
     What to say- I guess timing is everything ;)