Saturday, 23 February 2013

Seeking for happiness

     When all you can think about is yesterday, it's a sign of weakness. I don't do this, at least I pretend not to. I want to have the power to think and to feel only what I want. It's amazing how one can feel so free and mighty and broken in the same time. Those things were incongruous the last time I checked.
     Winning is all I want and if it means that I should become someone I don't like- I'll do that. I used to judge people who were able to do everything in the name of something they wanted the most. I used to think they were rakish, mean and I disdained them. Well, I've changed my vision now. One should do everything for becoming happy- if you want to be a champion- do whatever it takes!
     I don't want to be the good, cool, friendly girl anymore. I don't care if one would think of me as cold-blooded, spoiled or mad or whatever as long as I would be a real champion. It's the time to pay the price whatever it would be and no matter of it's consequences.
     Who knows if there is life after death, one should be happy here, in this world and from now on- my status is "seeking for happiness", not "making everyone happy".


  1. Interesting :)

  2. If good, cool, friendly or bad, uncool, bitchy... a loser is a loser.

    1. Yes, well, after following you a bit... bull-magic.

    2. :))) You seem pretty obsessed with me- take it easy.