Thursday, 17 January 2013

Where's my soul?

     It's been an amazing month, a month I've spent at home and I've really enjoyed it. It's been some years since I didn't want to leave from Chisinau. I used to come for a week and then to run away as fast as I could. Once you taste the freedom- you don't want to give it away. It's the first time when the demand "Be home until 11" hasn't bothered me. I've got used to the sleepless nights I get every time I come here (I tend to find too many things of which to think about when here), I like the ritual "The one who wakes up first makes the breakfast" - I take advantage of it as many times I can :))))) I soooo like when the coffee waits for me in the french press :D I can trade my soul for it. My soul? I feel like I've already traded it without being fully aware of what I've done...
      I'll miss the "kitchen meetings", when I'd go to have a tea at 2 am and I'd find my dad already there :) Why can't I be in more places at once? There should be invented a way to make it happen.
      I don't know where I want myself to be in long term: here, there or somewhere else... I want to be there now, I belong to somewhere else and I'm here-funny...

     Well, as for now, until next time, Chisinau :)

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