Thursday, 10 January 2013

10 Ways to improve your mood

     What do you do when your mood is on an underground level? How do you improve it? Here's my Top 10 list :)

1. Treat myself with an ice-cream or some chocolate
2. Have an exhausting workout while listening to some rap & rock&roll music
3. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiing my heart out
4. Phone a good friend
5. Watch a horror movie
6. Play some blitz games on playchess (that's a bit risky- the mood can get even worse :)))
7. Buy some presents for the people I love ( it's amazing how making good things can make one feel better!)
8. Watch some very bad games of some strong chess player
9. Get a massage
10. Make someone tell me how amazing I am :))), but he should make it believable :P

Do you have other methods that usually work for you?

xoxo from Chisinau


  1. 1 is the best, ice cream always helps calm down, walking a lot also helps, watching a comedy (not a horror movie which will make it worse), did u like Hangover?, and never never smoke (it is bad and shows u r a weak person!)
    Smile, still a lot of work 4 this session!

    1. I agree, though I don't like comedies, I prefer dramas, documentaries, action,crime, horror movies- comedies are at the bottom of the list of preferences and one can get the same splash of adrenaline from both laughing at a comedy and being scared when watching horrors- it's just a matter of taste. As a fact, I did watch Hangover,but only the 2nd movie :)

  2. The second is not 2 good, the first one is pretty, no comment about smoking, have to go home and it's gonna be a storm, u r 2 sad, learn to be happy, best wishes for your session (and the third book from the series...) and good luck!