Sunday, 6 January 2013

To marry or not?

     "Hey! Irina?"
     "Yeah,who's calling?"
     "I"ll be rich :)))) How dare you not recognizing me? It's Lena!"
     "Lenaaa!!! Gosh, I haven't heard from you for like forever! How have you been?"
     "I'm getting married!!!"
      My mouth opened and I couldn't say a word staring at my mum's... Lena- my childhood friend, who's a year elder than me...
      "Aaa...Mmm, 'gratsss,I guess?!"
      "I'm so happy! We're getting married in spring, I want you to come sooo much and you should definetely meet him, can you come over tomorrow?"
      Damn, Lena is getting married, he's stealing her from me! Motherfu...!!
      "Irina? Are you still there?"
      "Ah,yes, sure, I'd LOVE to meet him!"
      "Cool! We'll be waiting for you tomorrow at 5 pm!"
      You hear, "we", this word used to mean 'she & me' not 'she+him'... Does he think that playing "love games" for a year is worth more than playing with dolls since 3 and competing who'd be the first one to kiss a guy in the 5th form?? Damn arrogant ***, what is he thinking of himself, I hate him! Hm... But,maybe, he could be a nice guy... He'd better be!
      It made me think how a young woman can get married so early. Why do they want so much to get married in the first place? Can't you love each other without getting married? Is there something wrong with me? The thing I treasure the most in my life is my FREEDOM. Why to give it away so quickly? I guess we just want different things in life... But I still don't get it- I can go out whenever,wherever and with whoever I want-finally- after 18 years of- "You should", "You must", "I don't allow you", why to give it back in just 2 years? If I didn't know Lena, I'd think that these 2 years where "Oh,THE 2 YEARS", but I know her too well to even think of it... I still want to obtain so many things for myself, I want my father to be proud of me when hearing his last name on news... Maybe the priorities will change at some point...
     As for now-poor Lena's fiance- he'll remember tomorrow's day for a long time and yes, it is a threat! :D

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