Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bucharest? No chance- only Rome available!

     God! These last 36 hours have been just crazy! My worst worries came true.

     So, everything started yesterday morning, at 6 am, as I woke up and was driven to the Frankfurt airport. It was snowing so hard and everything was immediatly freezing-I thought the car would just stop in the middle of the highway at some point. We got to the airport somehow, I has happy to be in time until I saw Frankfurt-Wien 09.25- cancelled. Fu'k! I went to my company's office and stayed in a 20 people que. When it came my turn, I said to the women behind the desk that my flight to Wien got cancelled and I lose the other flight from Wien to Bucharest because of that... She looked at me with a "I don't care" face and printed me another tickets for 17.25. She handed me them not saying anything. I started to ask what shall I do until that time and she said- "It's not our fault that the weather is like this- you can do whatever you want until further notice". Well, that was kind of rude... I buyed a book- "Fifty shades of grey" and the last Cosmopolitan and went to a cafe. 200 pages read and my flight cancelled again... I went to the "kind" lady again. She was more friendly than the last time as she handed me another tickets- Frankfurt-Rome-Bucharest, for 18.30. Ok, what to do- I went to my gate and resumed my reading. 18.00- stood up and saw that the flight got delayed- another hour for reading. 19.00- Boarding- YES!!!!
Finally boarding for Rome

 Got to the plane- reading resumed. Arrived to Rome at 10.00 pm. Missed the flight to Bucharest. What next? Some Allitalia workers were waiting for us and oraganized a bus to some hotel, announcing that I will fly to Bucharest only tomorrow at 14.40 pm. Great! I was expecting some barely 3 stars hotel, but got to a 5 stars one- went for a nice dinner,had some great wine and got a single room- that was pretty cool.Book finished :)
The hotel in Rome

It was a pretty nice weather

     The weather in Rome was much nicer- no snow at all-maybe some 12 degrees... I fell asleep so easily- I don't remember myself sleeping so well in the last few months. I woke up at 9.30 am and thought about going to breakfast, but another hour of sleeping sounded more compelling...
     I'm writting from Bucharest now, from a nice cafe, enjoying my dinner and yet another glass of red wine- I thought I deserve it after 36 hours of travelling :) I've also got my baggage- though it wasn't on the belt, I had to go to the "Lost Baggage" office. It seems it has arrived before me :D
     Well, I am happy to have finally arrived to the destination and as it was a hell of a trip for playing just 2 games-I'm happy I have at least won them...

xoxo from Bucharest ;)


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