Monday, 28 January 2013

Spider's style

     The Gibraltar Tradewise Chess Festival has come to it's decisive last 3 rounds. There are three players leading the tournament with 5,5p out of 6: Vitiugov Nikita,Georgiev Kiril and Le Quang Liem.
     Today's round should be a very interesting one, here are the pairings of the top10 boards:

19GMVitiugov Nikita2694GMGeorgiev Kiril264316
21GMIvanchuk Vassily27585GMLe Quang Liem27058
314GMIturrizaga Eduardo265055GMKamsky Gata27402
43GMAdams Michael272555GMTkachiev Vladislav265015
521GMSalgado Lopez Ivan260655GMNavara David27106
617GMJones Gawain C B263255GMShirov Alexei27087
710GMShort Nigel D269055IMLarino Nieto David249745
85GMVachier-Lagrave Maxime2711GMStefanova Antoaneta251637
911GMYu Yangyi2688GMCmilyte Viktorija251538
1013GMFridman Daniel2667WGMJu Wenjun250542

     Adams (who's called by chess players "the spider" because of his playing style) played a very nice game yesterday, against Dzagnidze. Here are some mementos from the game:
Black to move
21...Nfxd5!! 22.exd5- Re2! 23. Rxe2- Rxe2 24. Rd1- Bd4 25.Be1
Black to move
25...Qe8! 26.Nf3- Qe3 27. Qb1- Rxb2 28. Qc1-Qxc1 29. Rxc1-Be3 30. Rd1-c4
Black has a decisive advantage that Adams managed to convert into a full point
     There seems to be a very nice and friendly atmosphere in Gibraltar. There are many other events being organized besides the tournaments. For example, there's been a game played on a huge chess board- 5 Top women vs 5 Top men!
Nana Dzagnindze, Tania Sachdev, Valentina Gunina, Viktoria Cmylite and Stuart Conquest holding the microphone (the main organizer of the event)- from left to right

Le Quang Liem, Gawain Jones, Maxim Vachier-Lagrave and Gata Kamsky (from left to right)
     The men's team turned to be a bit stronger and won the game :)
Gibraltar's famous Rock
     I am very curious to see who's going to be the winner this year!

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