Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Taking shortcuts

     It's been a very interesting round in Gibraltar yesterday, with many decisive results, as you can see below:

12GMKamsky Gata27406½ - ½GMVitiugov Nikita26949
28GMLe Quang Liem270560 - 16GMShort Nigel D269010
316GMGeorgiev Kiril2643½ - ½GMIvanchuk Vassily27581
421GMSalgado Lopez Ivan2606½ - ½GMAdams Michael27253
515GMTkachiev Vladislav26500 - 1GMVachier-Lagrave Maxime27115
66GMNavara David2710½ - ½GMSandipan Chanda259024
77GMShirov Alexei2708½ - ½IMOparin Grigoriy247849
817GMJones Gawain C B26320 - 1GMYu Yangyi268811
930GMZhao Xue2554½ - ½GMFridman Daniel266713
1035GMCramling Pia25185½ - ½5GMWojtaszek Radoslaw27234
1141GMAl-Sayed Mohammed250750 - 15GMIturrizaga Eduardo265014
1222GMEhlvest Jaan260351 - 05IMLarino Nieto David249745
1326GMMuzychuk Anna258251 - 05IMGunina Valentina249047
1451IMMuzychuk Mariya247150 - 15GMVazquez Igarza Renier256527
1528GMFelgaer Ruben255751 - 05IMTania Sachdev240371

     The draw on the 1st board was a fighting one, with Vitiugov trying for a win. Kamsky found a way out in an endgame, with a pawn down-but it was never enough for a decisive advantage.
     It seemed that it would be a draw on the 2nd board too, after the opening, but white failed to see the dangers of the position and Nigel outplayed Le Quang Liem. You can see the game here:

Nigel Short and Jovanka Houska enjoying the dinner
     Another encounter that I wanted to watch was the Muzychuk Anna-Gunina Valentina one, but there was unfortunately no live cover of the game. It was particularly interesting because Anna lost in the last round of the Women's European Championship against Gunina last year and with it, she lost the gold medal. She managed to take revenge this time and I can't wait to see the game.
     There are 2 more rounds to be played and the 2 players who are leading so far are Nikita Vitiugov and Nigel Short,with 7p out of 8.They will play against each other today. 

On whom would you bet your money-on the Russian youth or on the English experience?

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